Peace and Security

Europe is founded on peace and on a security that is the result of social justice between the communities and the peoples.

Our Europe rejects war as a means for solving international conflicts and recognizes peace as a fundamental right of human beings and peoples.

Our Europe takes an active role in the defence and promotion of the universal values as the conditions for lasting peace: dignity, freedom, equality between all human beings, social, economic and democratic human rights.

Our Europe is committed to building peace through struggling against all forms of discrimination, injustice, exploitation, exclusion and threat, using international law, political negotiations and diplomacy as its fundamental instruments. It rejects all attempts coming from within or without aimed at transforming Europe into a military power on a global scale.

The Europe we want recognizes the right of all peoples to self-determination, respecting and guaranteeing the rights of minorities and their diversities, provided that they respect fundamental rights. As a result of this right, peoples must be free to decide about their political autonomy and their sovereignty in the economic, social and cultural spheres.

Our Europe recognizes the rights of individuals and peoples to resist oppression and injustices by all means that do not themselves result in the violation of universal human rights.

For this reason, our Europe supports the different initiatives to create an international system of justice capable of sanctioning States and all actors responsible for war-crimes.

Europe works for the active commitment of international institutions against any form of military, social or economic oppression and rejects as a matter of principle the use of military force. This is why it is in favour of the dissolution of NATO and of all other military alliances as well as in favour of the elimination of all foreign military bases throughout the world.

Europe rejects "humanitarian" and “preventative” war, since war can never solve problems; on the contrary, it only produces new violations of human rights and of international law. For the same reasons, it also rejects all forms of colonial and imperial domination.

Europe repudiates all use and production of nuclear arms, all weapons of mass destruction as well as torture, the death penalty, and all forms of degrading treatment. It is committed to disarmament and demilitarization, in order to construct an open and welcoming world and a society that ensures the free circulation and settlement of human beings.

In order to create the conditions necessary for a peaceful and democratic international order, our Europe will promote a global policy of cooperation for development, guaranteed by bilateral and multilateral treaties, reinforcing the political, economic and social rights of citizens and peoples.

Our Europe recognizes the rights of individuals and communities to a life free from all aggression, danger and threat: its security is a consequence of the security of others. For this reason it will install an enlarged common and interdependent system of security, displacing the notion of security of states, moving towards the security of human beings.


In the name of these principles, our Europe abstains from any threat or offensive action by acting to prevent conflicts, by promoting peaceful solutions and through the humanization of international relations.

Pictur Peace