Peace and Security

Our Europe respects and guarantees through all its spheres the principle of the equality of citizens respecting their differences and diversities.

Europe recognizes as a fundamental value and guarantees the right to equal status and effective equality between men and women in all spheres of political, economic, social and private life as well as the freedom of sexual orientation.

Europe is against the commercialization of sexual relations and guarantees the rights of prostituted persons.

All citizens participate on an equal footing in political life. Political institutions adopt constraining measures to achieve the equal participation of women and men within institutions, decisional bodies, and political and social agencies and organizations.

Every person who resides on a long-standing basis in the territory of Europe obtains its citizenship with all the associated.

All public institutions must guarantee the human rights and freedoms of women and take action against all forms of patriarchy. Every woman, in every country, will have the liberty to control her body, notably the right to abortion, contraception, the choice of maternity and control over artificial fertilization. Every woman will have the right yo choose how she conducts her private life (celibacy, marriage, cohabitation, divorce). Institutions must take action against all forms of patriarchy. They must commit themselves to ending all trafficking in human beings and slavery in all its forms.

Europe commits itself to act with determination against racism, antisemitism, islamophobia.

Public institutions take and promote all the initiatives required aimed at ending sexist violence against women and children, within and outside the family and call upon all countries to elaborate a framework law against violence perpetrated against women, together with effective measures for its implementation.

Europe is against the commercialization of sexual relations and guarantees their citizenship rights to prostituted persons.

Europe affirms the secularity of public institutions. It guarantees the dignity and freedom of conscience of all citizens regardless of their origins, opinion or beliefs, the freedom of individual and collective religious practices, insofar as these respect the rights of all citizens.

Europe recognizes the principle of the freedom of settlement and the free circulation of persons by guaranteeing this as a universal right. It guarantees the right to asylum.

All peoples have the right to self-determination, while guaranteeing the fundamental rights of individuals.

Every person belonging to a national minority will have the right to select freely to be treated as such without any hindrance resulting from this choice or the exercise related to this choice.

The language-of-origin of school-children and students in public schools is respected and taken into account; its teaching is facilitated.

Public institutions contribute through their action to overcoming material, cultural, symbolic and linguistic barriers existing between peoples.

Pictur Discrimination